A name is born

I could give you a long glamorous story of how I sailed across stormy oceans on a wooden sail boat in search of the perfect name for this business but as I was sitting on my chair, I realized, it will be called Company & Good.

A tale unfolds

Since my early years, I have been accustomed to this finer material in life, leather. Being born into a family who works in the leather industry, I was taught to appreciate each and every piece as if it was my own. I was also taught to enjoy the smells, to care for couches, to handle leather bags with extra caution, to condition shoes with only the best nourishing creams (allowing for future inheritance), and to maintain what one has bought in order to teach children the correct values in life.

The path to leather goodness is not always easy, but it starts here, with your purchase. Help us grow, in turn we will help your leather stay rejuvenated, and together we can prevent what the elements throw at us.