Handmade with Quality Leather

Producing high-end leather products and believing in the quality thereof, is embedded into our family crest and we, the youngest generation, are fortunate enough to continue that journey.

All of our bags are made with extreme care and precision giving you something that will last. Make use of our leather care cream called Leather Goodness, ensuring that your leather items stand the test of time.

We offer a variety of leather items, such as handbags, sling bags, backpacks, clutches, travel bags and bow ties. We are looking forward to introducing other items such as wallets, belts, nappy bags, shoes, accessory bags and much more. Many of these items will also have a unique brand, separating them from our current products.

Our bags are currently available in five main colours, namely Black, Hazelnut, Tan, Sienna and Soft Toffee and each of them featuring their own distinctive inside lining.

We were a little more daring with our hand made leather bow ties by making them in bolder and brighter colours than the rest of the Company & Good range, each with their own unique colour stitching. These trendy little pieces of leather look so nifty and stylish, you can wear it with a formal outfit or pair it with something more casual like jeans and a checked shirt.

“Why us?” you might ask… Because we make all our own things and we rock. We quality check all our products three times before it gets packaged and sent. We also guarantee all our stuff for one year as we are confident in our work and to ensure our clients have peace of mind when purchasing our things.

Keep an eye on our online platforms for our ever-evolving catalogue.

Leather Bags

We also offer backpacks, sling bags, and travel bags.